Underground heating oil tank

Episode 17 – Install a New Oil Tank in 2020?

In this episode, Teddy talks about why some clients would want to install a new oil tank in 2020. If you have an active underground heating oil tank and you want to sell your home, you can upgrade to an aboveground oil tank. The new aboveground oil tank will come with a $1,000,000 insurance policy from the manufacturer.

In this episode, we remove two 1,000 gallon underground oil tanks and install two new 400 gallon aboveground oil tanks. We explain the cost of oil tank replacement.

Each underground heating oil tank was removed from the site and scrapped at a local scrap metal yard. The new aboveground heating oil tanks were installed the same day the old tanks were removed. We removed the oil from the underground tanks and pumped into new tanks. The location of the tanks were back filled to grade all the same day. The client only had no heat for six hours.

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