excavator removing contaminated soil

Tank TV Episode 18 – Fixed Price Remediation

Join us in our latest company vlog as we venture into Highland Park for an exciting oil tank removal and site remediation project. Witness the efficient removal of a significant amount of contaminated soil, totaling approximately a hundred tons. Stay tuned as we await the arrival of certified clean fill to complete the backfill process and restore the site to its original condition.

During our site remediation endeavors, we rely on a remarkable device called a Photo Ionization Detector (PID) to screen soil samples and accurately assess trace contamination levels. Keep an ear out for the distinctive beeping sound that alerts us to potential issues.

Experience the meticulous execution of our tasks and learn about our partnership with Clean Earth, where all contaminated soil finds its proper disposal.

As we near the conclusion of this project, we eagerly anticipate the backfilling process to bring the excavation back up to grade. Join us as we wrap up another successful job, demonstrating our commitment to excellence in oil tank removal and responsible remediation practices.

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Why would you want a fixed price soil remediation contract? 

Experience the peace of mind with our fixed price contracts, providing you with complete clarity on project costs from the very beginning. Unlike open-ended contracts, where estimates can vary, our fixed price contracts eliminate uncertainty, allowing you to rest easy knowing the final invoice is predetermined before any site work begins.

Investors, particularly those involved in house flipping, appreciate the benefits of fixed price contracts. They can confidently assess their liabilities, leveraging this information during negotiations with sellers, secure in the knowledge that costs won’t fluctuate during the project.

Our fixed price contracts also cater to clients seeking transparency and certainty in their project expenses. Whether you’re an investor or homeowner, our commitment to fixed prices ensures you know exactly what to expect, giving you full control over your budget and peace of mind throughout the process. Choose the certainty and predictability of fixed price contracts for your next project.

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