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If you're looking to remove an underground oil tank in New Jersey, the first question I will ask you is do you own the property or are you looking to buy a property with an underground oil tank? If you already own the property, keep reading.

We offer an all-inclusive fixed price for oil tank removals! All township permit fees and disposal of tank contents are included in the price we quote.
What we quote you, is what you pay!

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If you already own the property and you’re looking for how the process works on how to remove an underground oil tank, the process is pretty simple.

First, Simple Tank will email you a contract. You will review the contract. If it’s acceptable, you click approve, type in your name, and that’ll instantly accept the contract.

We will then send you a link for a deposit, and once you pay that deposit, your file will get set up and we will overnight the permit application to the township.

The township will take anywhere from one to two weeks typically to approve your permits.

The Project Cannot Even Begin To Get Started Or Scheduled Until Those Permits Are Approved.

Once the permits are approved, we are typically anywhere from five to 10 business days out in our calendar, so figure between two to four weeks from the time you sign a contract until the time that work actually gets done.

It’s a one day process to remove your oil tank. Simple Tank will set up the inspection prior to coming out with the township. The oil tank will be cut open, pumped out, or the contents in the inside of the tank will be removed.

The tank will be wiped down, so someone will enter in the tank, wipe it down. Once it’s completely dry, the tank will then be removed from the ground and placed on plastic

At That Point, The Township Inspector's Going To Come Out. He's Going To Do A Visual Inspection. He's Going To Look For Holes In The Tank, Stained Soils, Soils With An Odor.

If the visual inspection passes, there’s no sampling that’s required, we will then backfill the excavation up to grade and we will take the tank off the property and dispose of it at a local scrap yard.

We will then send all the proper documentation to the township and send you a copy as well. The township will take anywhere from a week to three weeks to get you what’s called a certificate, depending on the town. Some towns are faster than others.

That Is A Complete Oil Tank Removal Process. If The Township Fails The Inspection Because There's Visual Signs Of A Discharge, Then You're Going To Want To Follow Our Soil Remediation Process Here.


The cost to remove an underground oil tank varies depending on a few things. Where is the oil tank located on the property? That’s the first question I’m going to ask you.

Is it in the front yard, backyard, side yard, rear yard? If it’s in the rear yard, what’s the access getting into the rear yard? Could you drive a vehicle back there if you had to?

If there’s only access to walk back there, well, then the price to remove your oil tank’s going to be pretty high because of the cost of labor to dig it out by hand. If it’s easy access in the front lawn, then the price is going to be a basic tank removal price.

A few questions we will need answers to. Are there any retaining walls in the front yard? Any fences in the front yard? Any major slopes? Is the tank under concrete? That’s another question.

All those questions, once they’re answered, we’ll be able to give you a price.

But A Typical 550-Gallon Underground Oil Tank Removal Price Is About $1,400.

If you have a thousand-gallon underground oil tank, our price would be $1,800.00.

If You're Interested In Getting A Fixed Price For The Whole Project And You Really Want To Know If That Tank Has Had A Discharge, We Can Come Out Before The Tank Is Removed For $600 And Perform A Soil Investigation

This would consist of us probing around your oil tank to determine if there’s been a discharge, we’ll figure out how extensive that leak is, and then we will provide you with a fixed price to remove the tank and clean up the contamination.

If you’re interested in that service, click here.

Do you have other oil tank service needs? We also offer Soil Testing and Soil Remediation services. Anything you need, we got you covered. Call Today at +1 732-965-8265