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Tank TV Episode 19 – Tight Access Oil Tank Removal

Welcome to Tank TV, Episode 19! In this exciting episode, we tackle the challenging task of removing an oil tank situated atop a retaining wall. You won’t believe the steps we take to access it.

First things first, we need to cut the railing to create a pathway over the retaining wall. Don’t worry, we discussed this with the client beforehand to ensure they were aware of the necessary modifications. By cutting the railing, we save them thousands of dollars that would have been spent on manual excavation. Once we’re done, a skilled welder will restore the railing to its original condition.

With preparations complete, it’s time to locate the tank. Using a metal detector, we pinpoint its exact position. As we begin excavating, we discover a patch and remnants of foam, indicating previous maintenance. These findings are not uncommon, but they add to the intrigue of the job.

Working in tight quarters between two houses presents its own set of challenges. To complicate matters, there’s limited space for soil disposal. Our small excavator requires significant digging to extract the tank, which is filled with foam, making it heavier and more difficult to handle.

Prior to excavation, we take precautions to ensure utilities are safely out of the way. We confirm the location of the waterline, gas lines, and sewer lines by examining the basement and verifying their paths. This meticulous process guarantees the safety of the property and our crew.

As we approach the tank, we cut the oil lines connecting it to the furnace. This step is crucial to facilitate a smooth removal process. With the lines severed, we’re ready to extract the tank.

Cutting two holes in the top of the tank allows us to gain leverage and secure our equipment for the removal. It takes some effort, but we successfully extract the tank from the ground, ensuring no damage is caused in the process.

Job complete! The tank is out, and upon inspection, it appears there was no discharge into the soil. The homeowner got lucky this time. We’re wrapping things up for now, but we’ll return on Tuesday to backfill the excavation. Due to the access challenges posed by the retaining wall and tight space between the houses, this has been a two-day job.

Stay tuned for more exciting content as we continue our tank removal adventures. Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you next time!

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