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Oil Tank Removal Cost and Understanding the Contracts

Hey everyone, it’s Teddy from Simple Tank Services, and in today’s vlog, we’re delving into oil tank removal proposals and the real cost behind them. It’s crucial to understand the estimates you receive, beyond the eye-catching total at the bottom, as that won’t reflect your final invoice.

Join me as we uncover how 99% of the industry quotes projects compared to Simple Tank’s approach. When you reach out for estimates to remove your tank, various contractors follow different processes. But what truly matters is the content of the estimate, not just the final number. Don’t be deceived by a seemingly low price without examining the line items.

Permits play a significant role, with townships charging anywhere from $75 to $500. Additionally, the contents of the tank are essential to address. Is it filled with wood, oil sludge, or even water? Proper disposal is crucial, with most companies charging around a dollar per gallon for waste removal. If the tank contains sand or foam, extra disposal fees may apply, ranging from $900 to over $3000.

At Simple Tank, we make things simple. We quote 95% of our projects over the phone, allowing us to provide a flat rate price that includes everything. Permits, tank contents, sand, and foam disposal are all covered. The only potential additional cost is if police presence is required for inner-city projects, and we pass that cost through to you without any additional fees.

Let’s talk numbers. For a 550-gallon tank with easy access, our flat rate price is $1400. If you have a 1000-gallon tank, the price is $1800. However, please note that these prices are for projects with straightforward accessibility. If your situation involves more complex factors like fences, retaining walls, or limited access, reach out to us for a custom quote. We’re here to gather the details of your project, and in most cases, provide a proposal within minutes.

Remember, the contractor’s process matters as much as the price. Be sure to watch our video on the removal process for underground oil tanks, linked in the description. If your tank passes inspection, our quoted price remains unchanged. However, if it fails, a separate project and a different process will be necessary.

If you have any questions about the contract or the cost of removing your underground oil tank, don’t hesitate to fill out the form below or call our office. We’re available Monday through Friday, 9 to 5. We can’t wait to hear from you. Thank you!

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