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Review of ProGuard Insurance!

The owners of Simple Tank Services have been pulling oil tanks for a combined 75+ years! With all this experience, they have seen every scenario play out when it comes to the ProGuard warranty program. In the blog post we will cover the top 6 problems with their coverage program. We’ll go over whether it’s really the top oil tank insurance NJ has to offer.

1 – Confusing – We believe that the program is very confusing to understand. They have different programs and costs depending on if you “think” you may want to remove your tank at some point or if you don’t. They call this voluntary and involuntary pull program. If you decide you want to remove your tank with knowledge that their is a leak, this is considered a voluntary pull. You must be on their voluntary pull program for at least one year.

2 – High Deductible – If you decide to pull your oil tank voluntarily and there is a claim, your deductible will be $3,500.00 plus $500 oversight fee. The oversight fee covers for them to send a representative to your site the day the tank is removed.

3 – Stuck with Oil – If you have a claim, you are forced to install a new above ground tank so that the fuel dealer can deliver oil to you for a minimum of 12 months. After this period you can convert to gas if you want to. DO NOT CONVERT TO GAS BEFORE PULLING YOUR TANK. This will VOID your warranty!

4 – Auto Delivery – You are forced to stick with the oil provider that sold you the policy and you MUST stay on automatic delivery. This means you can’t price shop for the lowest possible oil price. If the dealer decides to raise their prices, you are stuck paying that amount.

5 – No Third Party – If there is a claim and the oil is impacting third party (ground water and off site soil) you are not covered. If you have owned your property at least 12 years and have had the same insurance policy, you may be covered through your homeowner’s insurance.

6 – Yearly Payment – They only give you one option to pay and that is one payment for the year. They do no offer monthly payments.


If you are interested in getting coverage for your active underground heating oil tank, please contact us about Simple Guard! Our warranty program is the answer to all the problems with ProGuard!

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