Underground Oil Tank Removal Contracts

Most underground oil tank removal contracts seem easy to understand and somewhat affordable. The big bold number on the bottom of the contract seems reasonable, right? Did you really read all the fine print? Did you see ALL the line items and understand them 100%?

If your not an industry expert then you most likely don’t understand how the contract reads. The bold number is enticing, but when you start adding in all the sneaky line items, permits, cops, no parking signs, samples, tank size, etc…Your quoted price can easily double and that is if the tank is removed and passes the township inspection. If it is found to be leaking the that price can 5-10x easily!!

In defense of the industry, there are a ton of unknowns when working underground and each town has their own rules and regulations! Simple Tank has listened to our clients concerns about really knowing what this project will cost in the end so we set out to provide a program that can give them just that!

We are able to come out to your property and give you a FIXED price on removing your underground oil tank! But what if its leaking your ask? We can also give you a fixed price on cleaning it up!

There has yet to be another competitor to offer anything close to this program.

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