How Long Does It Take to Obtain Township Permits for Removing My Oil Tank?

The biggest lie about leaking oil tanks is that you HAVE to remediate the soils if the oil tank fails the inspection during the removal process. Most contractors want to sell you a soil remediation when most of the time its not required. If you do happen to have an oil tank that fails the township inspection and you have an open case number with the NJDEP, you have two options to close it out and get a no further action letter.

Option 1 – You can sample the excavation and prove to the NJDEP that the soil is below the cleanup standards and write a report to close out the case number and get a no further action letter without taking any soil from the property. This will be the most cost-effective option if you can prove that all the contamination is below the clean up criteria.

Option 2 – The second option is to perform a soil remediation. This consists of removing the contamination from the ground, sampling the excavation to prove that it’s all gone and then write a report for the NJDEP to review. This will be your most expensive option and this is the option that most contractors are going to give you

Here at Simple Tank Services were able to give you a fixed price on whatever it takes to close out of your case number. So, if you have a leaking underground oil tank, we can come out and investigate the area and provide you with a fixed price. Whether that’s to sample around the excavation to close out the case number or if that’s to perform a full-blown soil remediation, you will know the exact cost going into that project before you start. This is a program that we launched recently that won’t be around that long.

There has yet to be another competitor to offer anything close to this program and for a VERY short period of time, we are giving away FREE soil investigations ($599 Value). Please apply now to see if you qualify

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