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Tank TV Episode 22 – 64 Ton Soil Remediation Montclair, NJ


Welcome to Montclair, New Jersey, where we embark on a day-long journey of a soil remediation project. We encountered a thousand-gallon oil tank plagued by severe leakage. Our mission today is to remove the clean fill and separate it from the contaminated soil beneath. The contaminated soil will be excavated and disposed of at a local disposal facility.

Join us as we witness the meticulous process guided by a subsurface evaluator. With their expertise, we will dig, sample, and assess the soil, striving to reach a clean zone. Once achieved, we will backfill the area with certified clean fill. Our dedicated team will be hard at work for an estimated 8 to 10 hours, expecting to transport anywhere from one to six truckloads of contaminated soil.

Throughout the project, we conduct on-site soil tests. By smelling the soil, we detect any signs of heating oil odor. Additionally, we employ a PID meter to identify volatile organics associated with heating oil. Based on the field screening results, we determine whether to continue excavating or halt the process.

Witness the efficiency of our tri-axle dump truck, capable of carrying up to 26 tons of material. We emphasize the significance of hiring contractors with appropriate equipment. Smaller trucks can hinder progress, leading to extended project durations and increased expenses. Our fleet of tri-axle and tandem dump trucks ensures swift soil removal, keeping costs manageable.

As we conclude this job, admire the completed area adorned with meticulously laid seated hay. The property owner, preparing to sell, eagerly awaits the final paperwork, known as the remedial action report. Within one week of completing the site work, we guarantee the submission of this report. Upon receiving clean post-excavation samples, the property owner will obtain the coveted “no further action” letter from the NJDP, facilitating the property’s closure.

This project involved the extraction of approximately 64 tons of contaminated soil, which we replaced with an equivalent amount of certified clean fill. Remarkably, we accomplished all these tasks within a single day, surpassing industry standards. The client’s satisfaction is paramount, as their property can proceed towards closure by month-end.

Join us as we celebrate another successful soil remediation project and eagerly prepare for our next project. Experience the efficiency, expertise, and commitment that set us apart in the field of excavation and remediation. Subscribe now to stay updated on our upcoming ventures.


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