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Tank TV Episode 21 – Oil Tank Removal Bridge Building Part I

Join us in this challenging excavation project as we confront the possibility of a leaking tank and potential soil contamination. Our main focus today is to safely remove the tank and assess the extent of the damage. We’ll take you through the process of maneuvering our machine up narrow steps and cutting a fence post to gain access to the backyard. Our priority is to excavate the tank, but the real challenge lies ahead if contamination is detected. We’ve taken soil samples and sent them to the lab for analysis to determine the contamination levels. Our goal is to meet clean standards with levels below 1000 parts per million. In the meantime, we’ve covered the contaminated areas with protective plastic while we await the lab results. Stay tuned to witness the outcome and our strategic plan to remediate the soils if needed. It’s a tough job, but we’re ready to tackle it head-on!

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