Tank TV Episode 011 – Bait & Switch Soil Remediation

Don’t get caught with a bait & switch soil remediation. Some companies are advertising “flat rate” soil remediation services. They don’t explain to potential clients that it’s not in all in price for the project. Most of the contracts include 20 tons of soil and anything over that, you will be charged additional fees. If groundwater is impacted, you will be charged additional fees to investigate it. No company can ethically quote you a a true fixed price for your cleanup without investigating the soils. The price of a remediation is directly correlated with the amount of soil that needs to be replaced. They cannot know the amount of soil without figuring out how deep the contamination is and how far it spread in each direction. Simple Tank charges $600 to properly investigate the contamination plume so we can provide you with a real fixed price that will not change once we start the project. Call us today for more information of the program.

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