Tank Talk

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In the episode, Teddy talks with a client about her residential gas tank that was removed by another contractor. When the tank was removed, the contractor pressured her into signing a contract for a soil remediation. She gave him a $5,700.00 deposit. After he left her home, she called our office to get a second opinion. Since the contractor didn’t take any samples when he removed the tank, we recommended to mobilize to the site to delineate the soils to determine how bad the leak was.

During our investigation, we found ZERO contamination. We sent one sample to the lab to confirm and the sample came back ND (non-detect). Since this a residential gas tank that was previously used to fill up school buses that she use to drive, we needed to get a LSRP involved.

In this call, I gave her an update on where we stood with the project.

Questions answered in this episode…

  1. What happens when the soil sample taken after the gas tank was removed comes back clean from the lab? :35 Seconds
  2. What are the next steps after getting a ND reading from the lab when we have an open case number? 1:06
  3. Can the previous contractor keep my $5,700 deposit? 2:50