Will insurance pay for oil tank leak

Episode 15 – Oil Tank Leak, Insurance Pays?

In this episode of Tank TV, STS performs an open ended soil remediation at a residence in Bedminster. Simple Tank removed this active 550 gallon heating oil tank and found that is was covered with corrosion holes.

We started to remediate the soils and found that the oil made its way down to fractured rock. The oil also reached groundwater table. After removing 200 tons of contaminated soil, we still had free floating product (heating oil) on top of the groundwater.

This was after removing 2,000 gallons of groundwater via vacuum truck during the remediation.

Since the homeowner has lived in this house for 28 years, we recommended that they call their homeowner’s insurance company to see if they could be covered under the 3rd party liability coverage portion of the policy. This was part of every homeowner’s insurance policy up until about 2012.

If you recently bought your house, you will not be eligible for any insurance coverage unless your tank is active and you took the coverage your oil provider offers. The insurance company for this residence gave us the green light to perform the 3rd party investigation which consists of us installing a temp monitoring well to determine if the groundwater is impacted.

Stay tuned to see what happens with this project.

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