How Do You Test An Oil Tank?

How Do You Test An Oil Tank?

You may have heard a lot of different phrases tossed around when it comes to testing the quality of an oil tank. How do you know which ones are the ones to stay away from and which ones to consider? Testing an oil tank needs to be done so with a guarantee. If you decide to hire a company without a guarantee, you will be financially responsible for any leakage or soil damage there is. We will discuss below the best way to test an oil tank and one of the worst ways.

Tank Tightness Testing

There is not a company in the state of New Jersey that does tank tightness testing with a guarantee in the state of New Jersey. Tank tightness can be done using a variety of different methods, depending on the company. What most companies are looking for is any leaks in your oil tank. The problem is that they are doing so without a guarantee. Having a guarantee in place keeps your contractor honest. Without a guarantee, if your oil tank is actually leaking then the contractor you hired does not owe you anything and you could not sue. You will then have to pay for everything associated with cleanup. The test would be null and void if there is oil in the ground.

Simple Tank does not do tank tightness testing because they are not always that accurate. That is why contractors do not usually offer the service with a guarantee because there is room for error for that type of testing.

Soil Borings

Instead, Simple Tank conducts soil borings. Simple Tank will be able to let you know if there is discharge or oil in the ground by probing through the soil and letting you know if there is oil in the ground. Simple Tank will then take those samples and send them to the lab. If the soil samples come back clean, then Simple Tank will offer you a guarantee good for six months. Let’s just say you want to have your tank pulled within that six month period. If Simple Tank comes in, pulls your tank, and finds any issues you are completely covered. No matter what Simple Tank has to do to fix the problem, they will do it because you are covered. There are no stipulations on a Simple Tank guarantee.

If another company offers you a guarantee for soil boring, you will want to make sure you ask questions. You will want to know what price they go up to that you are covered for repairs and damages. Often, companies will say they offer a guarantee, but will cap the price covered. Simple Tank is different and does not cap the price of a project under a guarantee. Make sure the guarantee you are getting is worth it. You will want a contractor to be able to back up the work they are doing. This not only covers you, but allows you to trust your contractor.

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