Oil Tank Removal

Don’t Trust a Referral when It Comes to Oil Tank Removal Contractors

You may have heard from someone in your neighborhood that they are or have just gotten their oil tank removed. Your first instinct may be to walk over there or call them to hear about the project if you are planning on getting your oil tank removed as well. You may ask your neighbor, “do you like your contractor?”. Your neighbor may give you a referral to the contractor because he feels his contractor went above and beyond. But, you may have also noticed that your neighbor’s oil tank had not been leaking.

No Leaks. No Complaints.

What is common in the industry is that when a client has their tank pulled and there are not any leaks, the client will automatically be happy with the job. However, when the tank leaks, there may be a different story. The neighbor has not had to deal with the contractor when a problem has arisen. All the contractor had to do in this case was to handle the removal project smoothly, which he did and this made the client happy. However, that does not mean that that same contractor will handle the remediation phase, if it is needed, the same way.

It’s Not Only About Pulling An Oil Tank

You will want a contractor well versed in all areas of tank removal and soil remediation, just in case something is or goes wrong with your oil tank. Having an expert in oil tank removal is great, but you will want to be covered in case something else is wrong. The requirements for oil tank removal have grown since the past, but are still low considering industry standards. You will want to judge your contractor on how well they will handle the remediation phase of the project. This is because your oil tank removal process may end up being much more than an oil tank removal. If you do not have the right contractor guiding you, you can be out more money than necessary. There are a lot of factors that could come into play.

How Do You Pick The Right Contractor?

You will want to heavily research your potential contractors and not just base your decision on a referral. Go online and read Google reviews about the quality of the contractor’s work. You will want to specifically look for not only oil tank removal, but also soil remediation. You can also find information on LinkedIn and Facebook. At Simple Tank, we work to provide every customer with an excellent experience, information, and a quality oil tank inspection.

When you are removing an oil tank, you have to assume the worst. If the worst happens and you are not prepared, you will be out more money. Keep this in mind when you are looking at which contractors to hire. Preparing for the worst, will make sure you will have all your bases covered. You will want to have a contractor that will be able to advise you, provide you with necessary information, and has the experience to get the job done efficiently.

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