oil tank inspection

Do Not Hire an Oil Tank Inspector for Less Just Because They Can Do It ‘Quicker’

Properly testing an oil tank of a house can take longer than some homeowners and home buyers expect. Having a company come the next day that claims they will do it for less will not give you a proper oil tank inspection and may cut corners, especially if they do not have a guarantee. If you go to buy a property after it has been inspected by a contractor who does not take their time to give a proper inspection, you will then be responsible for what ever damage the oil tank has incurred.

Do Not Skimp on Costs

Hiring a contractor that can do the inspection for you right away, could end up costing you thousands in the long run. Having a thorough and proper oil tank inspection by an experienced contractor will cost you, but it will give you all the information you need going forward. Be prepared for this when you are researching homes to purchase and factor this into the cost because it is an essential process in most cases. You want to make sure you have a contractor that will take their time and provide you with a guarantee.

What Is The Timeline?

If you hire Simple Tank to do the oil tank inspection, here is an idea of what a standard timeline could look like. The first thing Simple Tank needs to do is call for utility mark outs. You may be wondering, “what are mark outs?”. A company will come out and they mark out your utility lines. They do not mark out any drains or wires. They mark out major utilities. This process takes around three business days. The contractor has to wait until the company’s mark outs are completed.

This is important to note because if a contractor says they can do your inspection the next day, then they will have no time to perform utility mark outs to do a proper quality inspection on the property.

There tends to be customers who do not want to wait this timeline for a contractor to come out because they are in a rush with their property. Unfortunately, this leads them to hiring someone who may not perform utility mark outs. It is not legally possible to do a soil boring test that quickly. Do not put yourself in a risky situation.

It Is Worth Every Penny

If you hire the cheapest contractor and he reports back to you that your oil tank is in good shape. You could then discover, after you have bought the home, even if your oil tank is covered by insurance, that the oil tank is actually not working properly. This could lead to you having to pay tens of thousands of dollars in damages. Simple Tank provides you with a guarantee and follows the proper steps, including utility mark outs. Doing a fast and cheap job is not always the best option. Simple Tank understands that this inspection is an investment and will help it pay off for all of their customers.

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