Bad Advice About a Leaking Oil Tank

Bad Advice About a Leaking Oil Tank

I was arrested a few months ago for driving under the influence!! I needed a really good defense attorney to get all the charges dropped because I wasn’t even drinking!! So I did what everyone does and Googled DUI attorneys in NJ. I hired someone I thought I could trust to get these bogus charges dropped.

Once the attorney received my deposit he advised me that we had to go to court and fight the charges. He couldn’t give me a price because he didn’t know how long the case would go on for. This really didn’t make much sense to me because I wasn’t drinking and I knew for sure there had to be something the attorney could of done easily to get the charges dropped!!

Long story short, the case went on for months and cost me tens of thousands of dollars to defend!! After it was all over I ran into a old friend of mine who was now an attorney that agreed to look at my case because something sounded “off”.

After carefully reviewing everything, he showed my the LAW and how I got arrested with no evidence of drinking was all bogus. He said one court date with him showing the judge this one law would of been all I needed to have the case dropped. He would of charged $1500. I paid $28,000 and months of my life defending this BS!

This sounds really crazy doesn’t it? Well, the truth is, that story is not true at all. But I am sure it sounded pretty accurate no? My point is, this is happening EVERYDAY in the residential oil tank service industry.

Homeowners are googling for tank contractors in their area, they are hiring the cheapest guy thy can find to pull their tanks. When the “police” (town inspector) comes to inspect their tank and they fail the inspection (get arrested), they turn to their cheap contractor (attorney) for advice.

The contractor doesn’t explain the laws and pushes the client into a long drawn out soil remediation project (court case). It winds up costing tens of thousands of dollars in the end.

Meanwhile, if they had the right contractor (attorney) that actually explained all the laws, the majority of the time, it’s not even required to remediate the soils.

Don’t let this happen to you! Do your own due diligence and make sure your know the laws! I created this Simple step by step guideline that will save you THOUSANDS of dollars when removing your underground oil tank.

Make sure to save this link so next time your pulling out an oil tank, you can run though all the possible outcomes and keep your contractor in check!! If they start giving you advice that doesn’t line up with what this guideline says, then you need to stop the job immediately and get a second opinion!!

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